With your standard Corkhero membership you’ll receive 3 bottles wine hand selected by our team of sommeliers and wine pros.

After initial sign up you will have an opportunity to reorder up to two cases of Corkhero selected wines

You will receive a wide variety of varietals of reds, whites, rosés, bubbles and blends.  

All of the costs related to shipping will be absorbed by Corkhero to make your wine journey a seamless one.

Once a member you have the opportunity to order up to two cases of wine at any one time per month.

There are absolutely no contracts and as a member you are able to cancel membership at any time.

Yes.  The purchase of alcoholic beverages does require us to sell to a person 21 or older.

Yes.  It is required for a person aged 21 or older to sign for the Corkhero package.

We currently ship to Idaho, Washington and California and have plans to expand these ship to states

As a retail club we give you the very best of multiple wineries so it’s like belonging to multiple clubs without the hassle.

During your membership you will never receive the same bottle twice along your journey

Corkhero uses UPS Ground delivery and customers are seeing 2-4 days to receive their shipments